Message from the Founder

To all our Friends and Supporters of Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation:

We like to think of POAF as a platform of hope.  POAF assists Peace Officers in Texas who suffer a critical line of duty injury.  The assistance we provide is only possible through the generosity and support you provide each year.

This year, 2020, COVID-19 has created health risks and difficult times for everyone. We pray for the health and safety of our officers and everyone in our communities.  We have so many heroes to thank and be proud of during these times, including our peace officers and first responders who continue to protect us.  They face the usual dangers inherent in their profession but also the added risk to them and their families.  We also recognize health professionals who have always stood ready to be on the front lines and the many others who remain on the job to provide essential services.

Although these are difficult times, Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation will not waiver in our support and assistance to our critically injured officers.  Families are struggling and supporting other causes may be difficult if not impossible right now and we are thankful for others who can continue their support.  The community’s help in the past allows POAF to continue to support our mission assisting our critically injured officers and their families.

Sadly we have already had many fallen and injured officers this year. It’s during these times that organizations like POAF must stand strong.  Our mission is to assist critically injured officers but know that our concern right now is for everyone in our communities. 

We should all strive for a goal of balance and unity.  One cause unites us all

“I’m never going to pass up an opportunity no matter what time of day or night to let injured officers know that we are here for them and apply every ounce of the letter and the spirit of our mission to assist them and their families.” – Maria Barreda-Alvarado Founded in memory of Corporal Rick Barreda, killed In the line of duty on February 14, 1997.

Our Mission

Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation provides emotional and short term financial assistance to our Texas Law Enforcement following a serious or life changing line of duty injury.  POAF’s success relies on strong community partnerships standing behind our peace officers and their families.


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