Message from the Founder

maria-newWe Tip Our Hats to YOU!

Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that assists our Texas peace officers critically injured in the line of duty.

Today, I think more than ever, with everything that is happening across our nation, I think it’s so important that our peace officers know we’re behind them.

Our law enforcement needs us more than ever. This noble profession that is sometimes unappreciated is needed by you and I, working together with our love, our support, and our respect.

Peace Officers Angels Foundation is dedicated to those who serve in Law Enforcement and our mission is to assist those injured in the line of duty.

We strive to strengthen our public awareness and community relationships and enjoy the opportunity to meet with organizations that support our mission.

Your help goes far beyond any financial support you provide. Without your kind heartedness, our peace officers would not know just how many people are out there who care what happens to them.

They know they are not alone, and that’s the greatest gift you can give. The tragedy of that injury with the physical pain is only the beginning.

Renewed hope for the future makes a difference in the lives of our Texas law enforcement. The connection we make with our community, our donors, our sponsors, is very much appreciated by POAF. Every dollar donated is a direct investment in the ongoing recovery of our peace officers.

POAF does not pay a salary to our board members. All work done by our board and so many others who assist is voluntary.
If you would like to have a fund raiser for POAF, please let us know.

We are planning some exciting new events that have started rolling across our Texas cities!

Continue to check our website for new events!
• We will be adding some helpful resources (links) for our injured to find some assistance
• Chaplains Corner will feature new articles from chaplains around our state
• Our Injured Officers Stories
• News articles from around our state
• A “recreational retreat ranch” is now available to our injured peace officers and their families!

Thank you for being our “angels on the sidelines”
My humble thanks to all who hear and share the importance of our mission, your support touches many hearts. POAF is made strong by the support of others. Please feel free to share our information on your page, and pass along our website .

We know our law enforcement communities will come together and do their part!

Maria Barreda-Alvarado
Please Lord, protect our peace officers-

Our Mission

Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation provides emotional and short term financial assistance to our Texas Law Enforcement following a serious or life changing line of duty injury.

POAF’s success relies on strong community partnerships standing behind our peace officers and their families.

Our Message

We are committed to assisting our Texas law enforcement men and women and their families dealing with life changing on-duty injuries. We cannot do this alone. We need your help.

We want our seriously injured officers to know that when they need it, support will be available through several resources. Dealing with a severe injury can be overwhelming for the officer and his family. It is vitally important to keep that communication going with our injured officers so that they know that they are not forgotten.

No one has to tell us that our law enforcement do some of the most dangerous jobs, but most important work in our communities.

Our peace officers often face injuries while on duty as a result of shootings, assaults, car accidents, and other incidents. Serious injuries can often lead to critical medical problems which require extensive medical care and rehabilitation. POAF knows too well the struggles and too often the hesitancy to share.

Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation will strive to raise awareness of the dangers our peace officers face every day. To our communities around our state, we want you to know we exist and there are needs to be met, and we need your help. We ask you to be a part of our POAF family and get involved.

There will be more seriously injured peace officers in the future, that will not go away…and NEITHER WILL WE.

Thank you for your support.

DISCLOSURE: If you would like to help our organization by doing a fundraiser using our name, acronym, trademark or logo, or if you are with another organization and want to reference your support of Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation in your organization’s materials, please keep the following in mind:

Our organization has developed a proprietary interest in its name, acronym, trademark, use of logo, and all uses of same require our prior approval.

Please submit your proposals or requests in writing to our office to the attention of: Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation PO Box 121961, Arlington, TX 76012.

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