Maria Barreda-Alvarado

Founder/President-Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation

Untitled2At this moment, a peace officer is helping someone: working the streets, day and night, so our families can be safe, away from their family so they can care for ours.

Every time we hear a news report of an injured officer we pray the next line will tell us the injury is not life threatening. It is never more important that we look behind the badge. Men and women who serve and protect but who are also our friends and neighbors as we all raise families side by side in our communities.

It’s why we will never hesitate to help.


My son Cpl. Rick Barreda was killed in the line of duty 02/14/97. He was a Motors and SWAT officer at DFW Airport DPS. The support, then and now, has been tremendous from his police family. After my son was killed, I turned to COPS, Concerns of Police Survivors. They were there for me at a very critical point in my life and helped me through my journey and I was not alone. This new way of life helped me understand that death might end a life, but not a relationship. We own that because love never dies.

I spent many years helping families of fallen officers helping rebuild shattered lives. I will always be a family survivor and honor our fallen. But I also recognize injured officers are survivors too. They deserve every bit of comfort and assistance that we can offer. I feel the need now to stand up with our men and women that have suffered a catastrophic event in their lives while protecting and serving our communities in our great state. We need to reach out and assist them and their families so they know they too will not be forgotten as they work through a life changing event.

I also recognized injured officers are survivors too. They deserve every bit of comfort and attention we can offer. After leaving the COPS organization, I knew my heart would lead me to something else.

I researched the often unmet need to help our seriously injured officers in our state and was troubled by the lack of emotional and financial support that was available. I was encouraged by others and went to work to make this vision a reality to assist our injured peace officers in their greatest time of need.

Thank you to those that wear the badge, and please stay safe.