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Office of Injured Employee Counsel Appoints a First Responders Liaison to Assist With Workers’ Compensation Claims  House Bill 2082 by State Rep. Dustin Burrows First Responder Liaison

First responders in Texas now have a new tool to navigate the often complex workers’ compensation system.  HB 2082 went into effect September 1, 2017. HB 2082 by Representative Dustin Burrows created a first responder liaison at the Office of Injured Employee Counsel (OIEC). Representative Burrows remarked, “Our State’s injured first responders — now, more than ever, deserve a voice and representation when contending with the intricacies and complexities of the worker’s compensation system. As the author of House Bill 2082, I am grateful to Governor Abbott for his support of the bill, and I look forward to its implementation.  The First Responder Liaison at the State’s Office of Injured Employee Counsel will serve as a direct source of help and resources for the people who offer their lives to protect and serve us.”

OIEC is the state agency that assists injured employees with workers’ compensation issues. OIEC’s public counsel, Jessica Barta, appointed Yolanda Garcia as OIEC’s first responder liaison.   

First responders who need assistance can reach the liaison at a dedicated phone number, 512-804-4173 or by emailing  

House Bill 2082 – First Responder Liaison