About POA Foundation

Assisting our Texas Peace Officers in their greatest time of need

Texas peace officers become injured on duty as a result of shootings, car accidents, assaults, and other incidents. Serious injuries lead to critical medical problems which require extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Dealing with a severe injury can be overwhelming for the officer and his family.

POAF will provide emotional and recommendations on available resources and benefits to injured officers and their families. POA recognizes the need to reach out to our injured Texas law enforcement and their families.

It is vitally important to keep that communication going with our injured officers so that they know that they are not forgotten. We want our injured officers to have that emotional support when they most need it.

POAF-LogoSome of our plans include:

  • Spousal Support Groups for our LEO’s and their families
  • Peer Support Groups that will allow previous injured officers to come together to share their struggles, celebrate their successes and offer each other encouragement along their difficult journey towards healing and rehabilitation.
  • Assistance Program to help out with financial hardships
  • Public Awareness for the safety of our law enforcement

Chaplains will pay an integral component of hope and good will. They will be our spokesperson for POA and act in emergency situations where a chaplain is called. Chaplains will work within the communities to ensure coverage in our state if a peace officer sustains a serious injury.

Pray for the safety of our law enforcement. Consider making a donation today.

Officers keep us safe in many ways, including on the roadways. They work long hours with low pay, deal with difficult situations, and put themselves in danger on a daily basis-and some pay the ultimate price.  Take a moment to say “Thank You” when you have the opportunity.