Message from the Founder 


“I’m never going to pass up an opportunity no matter what time of day or night to let injured officers know that we are here for them and apply every ounce of the letter and the spirit of our mission to assist them and their families.” –
Maria Barreda-Alvarado

Founded in memory of Corporal Rick Barreda, killed in the line of duty on February 14, 1997.

It is important that our peace officers’ know that we’re behind them.

Peace Officers Angels Foundation is dedicated to those who serve in Law Enforcement and their families. Our mission is to assist those critically injured in the line of duty.

They know they are not alone, and that’s the greatest gift you can give. The tragedy of their injury with the physical pain is only the beginning. After any serious injury, our injured law enforcement sometimes endure many operations and countless hours of physical therapy. The road to recovery is always a tough journey not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and financially.

Renewed hope for the future makes a difference in the lives of our Texas law enforcement. Every dollar donated is a direct investment in the ongoing recovery of our peace officers. If you would like to have a fund raiser for POAF, please let us know.


Exciting new events are rolling out across Texas!

Continue to check our website for new events!
• We have added some helpful resources (links) for our injured to find some assistance
• Chaplains Corner will feature new articles from chaplains around our state
• Injured Officers testimonies
• News articles around Texas
• A “recreational retreat ranch” is now available to our injured peace officers and their families!
POAF is made strong by the support of others. Please feel free to share our information on your page, and pass along our website .

Our Mission

Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation provides emotional and short term financial assistance to our Texas Law Enforcement following a serious or life changing line of duty injury.

POAF’s success relies on strong community partnerships standing behind our peace officers and their families.

Our Message

We want our injured officers to know that when they need it, support will be available through our POAF resources.

To our communities around our state, we want you to know we are here and there are needs to be met, and we need your help. We ask you to be a part of our POAF family and get involved.

There WILL be more seriously injured peace officers in the future, that will not go away…and NEITHER WILL WE.

Thank you for your support.


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