POAF Chaplains are men and women who represent a diversity of religious traditions and serve as community spokespersons, A primary obligation is to retell the importance of assisting our seriously injured peace officers and their families.

Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation is working a regionalization of Texas for all chaplains to be able to take care of Texas. This network of chaplains will be the “voice” of POA as they reach out to our men and women behind the badge.


I am Julie Meeks, the chaplain for Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation. It is an honor to serve the law enforcement community throughout the state of Texas.

Peace Officers’ Angels Foundation assists officers that have been critically injured in the line of duty in Texas.  As a resource for our injured officers and their families, we are wanting to build a network of chaplains across the state. 

If you are currently serving  your community as a police chaplain, I am appealing to you to join our network of chaplains so that we can give the best level of care for our injured officers. You can be instrumental in facilitating assistance for officers, not only in your city, but also in other cities near you that may not have a chaplain.

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Esteban Blanco, Chaplain

Esteban Blanco is a business owner and IT expert with over a decade of experience in the field of Information Technology. He is a grassroots political activist and a strong advocate for small businesses in Texas. Esteban is also a professional vocalist with a passion for travel. He currently lives in Arlington Texas with his talented and beautiful wife, Heather. The couple shares their home with two beloved dogs, Gracie and Gramps.


Community Commitment

A dedicated conservative, Mr. Blanco promotes the empowerment of the Hispanic community through example and education. “My top priority in the political realm is encouraging my peers to engage with politics in a way that aligns with their deeply held beliefs and principles.” Blanco is well-respected in the local political scene and has met with many esteemed officials including Senator John Cornyn and State of Texas Governor Greg Abbott among many others.

Serving Others

Mr. Blanco’s dedication to helping others and effecting positive change has defined his life. His career began in law enforcement in Costa Rica and he has since traveled the world in music ministry. Today, he runs an IT consulting firm (Blanco IT) that serves the technology needs of businesses and individuals. On a personal level, one of Esteban’s greatest ambition is to eliminate domestic violence and creating a world where all families can thrive.